2019 National Women's Under-18 Championship Referees & Linesmen

2019 National Women's Under-18 Championship Referees & Linesmen

The 2019 Hockey Canada National Women's Under-18 Championship wrapped up this past weekend in Morden & Winkler, Manitoba.

Congratulations to the following officials who were selected to represent their respective Hockey Canada branches at the tournament:


  • Beatrice Fortin - Hockey Quebec
  • Jessica Chartrand - Hockey Quebec
  • Marie-Eve Couture - Hockey Quebec
  • Vanessa Ley - Ontario Women's Hockey Association
  • Suzanne Sawatski - Hockey Alberta
  • Grace Barlow - BC Hockey
  • Megan Howes - BC Hockey
  • Krista Funke - Saskatchewan Hockey Association
  • Amy Martin - Manitoba Hockey


  • Erin Zach - Ontario Women's Hockey Association
  • Melissa Westwood - Ontario Women's Hockey Association
  • Laura Gutauskas - Ontario Women's Hockey Association
  • Megan French - Hockey Alberta
  • Mikala Brown - Hockey Alberta
  • Melissa Brunn - BC Hockey
  • Danika Kroeker - BC Hockey
  • Alexandra Foreman - Saskatchewan Hockey Association
  • Joanne Senecal - Manitoba Hockey

 Referee Grace Barlow and Lineman Melissa Brunn pose on the ice with their hockey referee gear from The Ref's Room

Pictured above, referee Grace Barlow & linesman Melissa Brunn took the time to pose in their referee equipment from The Ref's Room.

The National Women's Under-18 Championship is classified as a National Assignment in the Hockey Canada Officiating Program. 

This assignment would be somewhat equivalent to the World Under-17 Hockey Challenge assignment on the men's side of the Hockey Canada Officiating Program.

It can serve as a stepping stone for referees and linesmen, on their way to International Assignments with the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF).

In fact, linesmen Laura Gutauskas and Erin Zach were both selected to IIHF events for the upcoming season!

Referees and Linesmen that officiated the Gold Medal game at the National Women's Under-18 Hockey Championship

A special congratulations goes out to the crew (pictured above) that was selected to skate the Gold Medal game between Ontario Red and Saskatchewan.

Referees Marie-Eve Couture (Hockey Quebec) and Amy Martin (Manitoba Hockey) were joined on the ice by linesmen Danika Kroeker (BC Hockey) and Erin Zach (Ontario Women's Hockey Association) for the final game!

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