Bauer NG Premium Longsleeve Shirt with Neck Guard

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Does your league force you to wear a neck guard?  Looking for a little more protection for skates when breaking up a fight?

The Bauer NG Premium Longsleeve Shirt has a built in neck guard that is highly resistant to skate blade cuts, providing the protection you need.  Bauer's 37.5 technology gives you drying times up to 5 times faster than similar fabrics.

With built-in anti odour features that replenish each time you wash it, to keep you from stinking up The Ref's Room.

BNQ & CE Certified

Bauer Sizing Guidelines:

 Shirt Size Chest Size
Small 37" - 38"
Medium 39" - 40"
Large 41" - 43"
Extra Large 44" - 46"
XXLarge 47" - 49"